OnQ Lens

Innovative & creative solutions
for the ophthalmic industry

Adapting Lenses to the Digital World

Discover a new dimension of comfort with our Digital Profile lenses. Designed to provide a greater vertical viewing area, these lenses offer 100% addition for an incredibly comfortable reading experience. Seamlessly transition from near to far vision with ease, allowing you to enjoy a dynamic visual experience like never before.

Precision Redefined

Experience vision correction at its finest with Optimesh technology. Our lenses are meticulously crafted to compensate for optical aberrations and correct differences in power between theoretical and resulting prescriptions. When you wear our lenses, you're embracing accuracy and clarity that go beyond the ordinary.

Aesthetic and Lightness Redefined

Elevate your style with ThinMax lenses that redefine aesthetics and lightness. Overcome manufacturing limitations and achieve fully optimized lenses that conform to the unique shape of your frame. Say goodbye to bulky lenses and embrace the elegance of ThinMax for an unparalleled visual experience.

Perfecting Your Perspective

Our groundbreaking Binocular Balance technology presents a unique mathematical algorithm that addresses the inherent imbalance of astigmatism in progressive lenses. Enjoy balanced visual perception across both sides of the corridor, enhancing your ability to see clearly even in lateral directions.

Unveil the Ultimate Clarity

Experience optical improvements like never before with ClearView technology. Unlike any other optimization method, ClearView considers the real shape of your frame and utilizes a proprietary algorithm to enhance the useful area of the lens. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear vision, redefining how you perceive the world around you.

Your Path to Visual Comfort

Visual comfort takes center stage with ErgoPath technology. Designed to ensure optimal ergonomic alignment while viewing objects, these lenses guarantee a comfortable and strain-free experience, whether you're reading, working, or enjoying your favorite activities.

OnQ Digital - 8

The Power of Precision

Experience precision like never before with OnQ Digital - 8's waveform technology. This groundbreaking approach allows us to meticulously control lens thickness, creating single vision and free-form progressive lenses that are thinner, lighter, and less distorted. Enjoy advanced wearer benefits, including reduced aberrations and enhanced visual confidence.

Step into a world of enhanced vision with Lens Technologies: Digital Profiles. Embrace the future of eyewear that combines innovation, comfort, and style, and elevate your visual experience to new heights. Whether you're a myope or a hyperope, our lenses offer a thinner, lighter solution that empowers you to see and be seen with unmatched clarity and confidence.