Elevate Clarity
& Comfort

OnQ’s Lenses are Tailored to Meet Unique
Vision Requirements.

OnQ Progressive Designs

Beyond Ordinary Lenses

Experience the pinnacle of eyewear technology with our revolutionary OnQ Progressive Designs. Each OnQ lens is meticulously crafted to deliver unrivaled visual performance and tailored to cater to your unique needs. Explore the cutting-edge features of OnQ Max, OnQ Genius, OnQ Pro, and OnQ Pure, and discover the perfect visual solution that evolves coherently with you.

OnQ Max

High Performance Progressive Lenses

OnQ Max represents the epitome of progressive lenses, offering the most efficient distance and near visual fields configuration. By utilizing a unique industrial science, the near visual field remains constant as your user addition grows, ensuring a seamless visual experience that adapts to your changing needs. Enjoy unparalleled clarity and comfort with OnQ Max, designed to evolve harmoniously with every step of your journey.

OnQ Genius

Fully Personalized Precision

Welcome to the realm of personalized perfection with OnQ Genius. Harnessing the power of ClearView technology, these lenses optimize the progression distribution according to the real frame shape, minimizing blurriness and maximizing visual clarity. OnQ Genius is a true marvel of precision engineering, providing you with a tailor-made eyewear solution that enhances every detail of your vision.

OnQ Pro

Improved Visual Acuity

Witness the difference with OnQ Pro, where improved visual acuity takes center stage. By considering the position of wear, these lenses optimize the lens surface to deliver superior clarity and precision. Experience the world in a whole new light with OnQ Pro, a lens designed to elevate your vision to extraordinary heights.

OnQ Pure

Powerful Entry Level

Introducing OnQ Pure - your gateway to exceptional eyewear at a competitive price. These lenses offer unparalleled comfort in the near and intermediate zones, providing a powerful entry-level solution that doesn't compromise on quality. Elevate your visual experience without breaking the bank with OnQ Pure.

OnQ Designs

OnQ Single Vision Pro

The Future of Eyewear

Welcome to the future of eyewear with OnQ Single Vision PRO lenses. At OnQ Optical Labs, we take immense pride in delivering the thinnest, most accurate lenses imaginable. Our Single Vision PRO lenses redefine optical excellence, offering a lightweight, distortion-free experience like no other. Whether you need high minus, high plus, or specialty lenses, prepare to encounter the finest eyewear you've ever experienced.

ONQ Use-Specific Designs

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Lifestyle

At ONQ Optical Labs, we understand that your eyewear needs are as unique as you are. That's why we are proud to introduce our Use-Specific Designs, expertly crafted to cater to your specific lifestyle requirements. From combating eye strain caused by digital technology to enhancing vision while driving or working in office environments, we have the perfect lens solution for you. Discover the unparalleled clarity, comfort, and protection of ONQ Millennials, ONQ Driver, ONQ Tech, and Contour lenses - designed with your needs in mind.

ONQ Millennials

Embrace the Digital Age

For digital technology enthusiasts seeking relief from eye strain and protection from harmful light emitted by digital devices, ONQ Millennials is the ideal choice. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, these lenses offer advanced protection and visual comfort for all your digital activities.

Vision for Daily Driving

Designed with daily drivers in mind, ONQ Driver is the ultimate solution for presbyopes who demand versatility. Experience unparalleled comfort and exceptional vision quality while driving and throughout your daily activities.

ONQ Driver

Performance for Office Environments

Tailored for presbyopes working in office environments, ONQ Tech delivers exceptional performance in front of multiple electronic devices. Experience the ultimate visual clarity and comfort, even during extended screen time.

ONQ Tech

Peripheral Vision for Wrap Eyewear

Ametropia users of wrap eyewear can now enjoy optimized peripheral vision with Contour lenses. Discover the best visual solution that combines style and functionality for all your active pursuits.